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Weight Cutting & Combat Sports


A Guide for Combat Athletes

Many athletes use rapid weight loss strategies to compete against smaller athletes in order to gain the upper hand in competition. This can be done within weeks or even days leading up to weigh in. Athletes try to cut weight through methods such as

  • Food restriction (fasting)

  • Fluid restriction

  • Dehydration by prolonged physical activity 

  • Saunas and/or practicing in heated rooms 

  • Practicing in plastic clothing for increased sweat response

  • Diuretics/Laxatives

  • Vomiting

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate athletes, parents, and coaches as we discuss the negative effects of these practices on an athlete’s performance and long term health and provide a healthier alternative in regards to an athlete’s exercise routine and diet to lose weight for competition.

Boxing Training

About Us

Our names are Aldo Becerra, Gabby De Guzman, Laura Leon-Farag, Rita Premas, and Natalia Walczak, UNLV students and future healthcare professionals. We are members of Group 6 in Professor Jalene and Ms. Brotman's KIN 350 class. 


Santos Do Nascimento, M. V., Reinaldo, J. M., Brito, C. J., & Mentes-Netto, R. S. (2020). Weight cutting is widespread among adolesent judoka regardless of experience level: the need of weight control and educational programs. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 2020(01).

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